Fellmongers Company of Richmond - Charitable Activies

At the time of its reformation the Company established a charity with clear objectives. It is worth setting them out.

They are:

Fellomongers of Richmond Medal of Excellence

Medal of Excellence
Awarded for outstanding achievement


To enhance and protect the local environment, to forward and encourage high skill and competence in all handicrafts and the application of standards of excellence in the design and execution of all things made, to foster honest endeavour and good workmanship in all trades and callings, to aid young people in their training and education to assist them in earning a living and to uphold and maintain the elderly and all those no longer able to work by reason of age or infirmity.




The charity forms an important part of the Company’s ethos and is administered by an active committee who support many deserving groups and individuals.

Every year the Company entertain to dinner three or four young men or women undergoing training for work and judged by the members’ committee to merit especial praise and reward.